Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tasteless BULLS commercial on WMVP

I don't know about anyone else, but last night I heard that bizzare radio spot where Luol Deng goes "one on one" with the grim reaper. Neil Funk does the play-by-play and the hook is "If you think that's un-bull-lievable,etc." After the death of 2 prominent men associated with the team,those commercials should be off the air. I guess it's too much for the WMVP PD or Bulls management to figure out,though!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Garry Meier on WGN?

The former partner of radio icon Steve Dahl is having a trial on WGN this week from 1-4pm.
Garry also was on WLS-AM partnered with Roe Conn. He walked from that job due to a contract dispute. Later,he had his own show on the FM dial (WCPT?) untill a format change ousted him there. The bottom line is this guy is too damn funny not to be on the air! The only thing he requires is a sidekick to bounce ideas off of. I listened today and he zeroed in on one of my favorite topics, the "THANKS_BY_OWNER" commercials on TV. The folks on those commercials don't look "right". Something is off,Garry tried to pinpoint it today. He also told the weatherguy,Tom Skilling (Evil clone of Roger Treimstra-for you old-timers),he get's a "chubby"
watching him do his "weather-thing" on the news! Not exactly how a Wally Phillips would greet Tom. The fact that 'GN is trying him out is a joke! He should get the job,no questions asked! It is time for WGN to realize this ain't 1968 anymore. Garry is middle-aged hip & relevant. He has me listening!