Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Idol-Shooting itself in the foot.

As a resident of beautiful Mt. Prospect,Illinois, I was very pleased Lee Dewyze won the whole thing. Crystal Bowersox lacks charisma and that "Q" factor Hollywood types talk about. The problem with all this is Lee must now wait 6 whole months before he can release a CD. The producers of IDOL obviously want to sale out the National Tour and figure having the winner release a "quickie" CD waters down the stage show. It's called "exclusivity" and they want those who buy tickets to these things to have it. It will be very hard for Lee to stay in the spotlight,6 months from now. Just ask last years winner,whatshisname.

Another Blog Post,5 months later

Took some time off to attend a Sex clinic,but all they did was talk about slowing down my need for sex. Hell, I could have stayed home and talked to my wife for that.