Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nicolette Sheridan-replaced with who??

I read today that Disney told their television people that they are
hurting so budgets need to be cut. The Mouse Company hurtin? Aww,c'mon!
What a load of crap that is. Anyway,this gave the producers of Desperate
Housewives a chance to get rid of Nicolette's character. That sucks.
She is 40-something but her body is smokin' hot & she is not shy about
showing it! My wife likes this show and so do I. I think this season the
writing has improved and they have some good storylines.
Anyway,I hear they are replacing Nicolette with the lovely Fraulein from the Austin Powers movies.
No joke!

Edie Britt

Hey Man...I'm innocent!!!

Finally,a California jury got one right. The case took 6 years to come to court but it looks like this freak of nature is finally going to the big house. I have heard the horror stories from his former wife,Ronnie Spector.

I guess even in Hollywood,there is such a thing as too weird!!