Saturday, January 17, 2009

WOW! McNeil is fired!!

Maybe the final straw was McNeil talking about buying an $18,000 fishing boat. It's one thing to make huge money,another to throw it into the face of a listenership that I'm betting struggles week to week to survive. McNeil (like many of his co-horts) beleives that rubbing elbows with athlete celebs makes him special. Guys that mock listeners & enjoy talking "down" to their fans are the same clowns who jump on a ballplayer for the same deal! McNeil found out what many listeners already know: hundreds of guys are out there who can talk sports and for a lot cheaper price! McNeil was good,but for about 450,000 less 'MVP wil find a somewhat capable replacement.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Here are my highly regarded movie reviews:
GRAN TORINO-A sad look at the decay of middle class America.
An elderly former Korean War Vet (Clint Eastwood) watches the decay
of his life one piece at a time. Loss of a loved one,ignorant family members,
the crumbling of a once fine neighborhood,disregard of religion & of course
crime all play a part in this movie. It's more a look at the sickness that is
eating away at this country. America needs to rededicate itself to teaching
our children family values and respect. I think this movie speaks to that.

I give it 4 out of 5 BOWLS of PASTA!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You go get 'em,Barack!!!

I'm very excited about the new stimulus package going through Congress. After 26 years of marriage,I'll settle for any kind of "stimulus"!!

I hope the new president hits the ground running. I voted for him but already disagree with the closing of our "Torture Hotel" in Guantonemo, Cuba. To put these prisoners in our justice system
will cost Americans millions. Maybe instead of waterboarding,just spray Windex in their face.
Hey, I can meet the liberals half way!!


Today on AM1000,I was again reminded why I'm not crazy about Dan McNeil. With layoffs all over the place,he was talking with his 2 "sound alike" cohorts about making an "impulse" buy & getting an $18,000
boat! He also says he could walk in to his favorite hunting store & drop 10 grand without blinking an eye.


I've been there since the beginning. Started out listening to Chet Coppock & his young assistant Dan McNeil years ago. (I don't use cute crap like:"Back in the day") Listened to the SCORE on 820,1160,670,etc. Big fan of Mike North. Despite his "rep",always thought he was funny & knew how to keep things moving. His TV venture can use some "meat" to the show,but at least it is a local production. I plan to use this blog to break down & critique some of the arrogant SOB's who make a great deal of money because when they say "Bears suck" on the airwaves,it literally can be heard by thousands. Some think because they got these jobs,they have been anointed or something. Their pompous routine annoys the hell out of me. Also,there are some who come across completely different. They sound like they just want to "talk sports." I will try to cover them all, also have observations on other "life" issues such as our new president to the new Knight Rider!