Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've been there since the beginning. Started out listening to Chet Coppock & his young assistant Dan McNeil years ago. (I don't use cute crap like:"Back in the day") Listened to the SCORE on 820,1160,670,etc. Big fan of Mike North. Despite his "rep",always thought he was funny & knew how to keep things moving. His TV venture can use some "meat" to the show,but at least it is a local production. I plan to use this blog to break down & critique some of the arrogant SOB's who make a great deal of money because when they say "Bears suck" on the airwaves,it literally can be heard by thousands. Some think because they got these jobs,they have been anointed or something. Their pompous routine annoys the hell out of me. Also,there are some who come across completely different. They sound like they just want to "talk sports." I will try to cover them all, also have observations on other "life" issues such as our new president to the new Knight Rider!

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