Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movie Review: Knight & Day

I don’t know if Tom Cruise is already “too ripe” at the young age of 46. I saw K&D with my wife,it was just “meh” at best. Not terrible,not great,not as entertaining as “The A Team”,either.
I can’t beleive Cruise wanted to market this dribble as “MI:4″. The whole problem with action/comedy is people already know nobody gets seriously hurt. There is no sense of danger. That would be OK,if the comedy was there BUT at no point during this movie did I laugh out loud. Like others have said,this film looked like something from the ’90’s. Actually,it was done a lot better in the ’60’s. It was called “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”

I give this movie 2 bowls of pasta out of 5.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Idol-Shooting itself in the foot.

As a resident of beautiful Mt. Prospect,Illinois, I was very pleased Lee Dewyze won the whole thing. Crystal Bowersox lacks charisma and that "Q" factor Hollywood types talk about. The problem with all this is Lee must now wait 6 whole months before he can release a CD. The producers of IDOL obviously want to sale out the National Tour and figure having the winner release a "quickie" CD waters down the stage show. It's called "exclusivity" and they want those who buy tickets to these things to have it. It will be very hard for Lee to stay in the spotlight,6 months from now. Just ask last years winner,whatshisname.

Another Blog Post,5 months later

Took some time off to attend a Sex clinic,but all they did was talk about slowing down my need for sex. Hell, I could have stayed home and talked to my wife for that.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Human Target on FOX ROCKS!

Television has few shows made any more that have this action formula. I loved this show. The fight scene on a speeding train was 100x better then any "quick edit,what the hell was that" Bourne movie. FOX had some excellent Spy show on about 12 years ago. It was very "Bond-like",called "Fortune Hunter". This show is just as good. Pure escapism! It is sad how many "procedural" crime shows have invaded TV. CSI is as boring as hell! Hey,let me cotton swab this dead corpse's ass to see where he ate breakfast! Screw That! I'll take "The Human Target"!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

BigFan-The movie (starring Patton Oswalt)

Finally saw this movie last night. (rented off Comcast :5 bucks) It was a little less then what I expected. The movie falls apart right in the middle after the "incident". A lot of close-ups of Oswalt making weird faces that is supposed to signify that he was "thinking". There must be about a good 5-10 minutes of wasted film with "spence" Oswalt looking bemused. Simple story that looks like it was filmed by simple minds. I was disappointed,but the ending was pretty good despite a weak movie. For that,I give it 2 stars out of 5.

Sunday, January 10, 2010




AVATAR: Movie Review

It was nice to see a movie again. I have not been to the show in about 4 months. I love the big budget stuff. Not much of that from August to December. James Cameron took a bold step forward with Avatar. A lot of the complaints from "fanboys" is that it looks like a video game. I'm afraid I have to agree. There is nothing here you can't see on a 360. Things exploding,weird creatures,etc. It is all here. The story line is nothing original & some of the dialogue must have been taken from a bad comic book. Despite all that it still held my interest and I give the movie 2 & 1/2 stars out of 5. I'm glad I saw it,but not something I sit through 2 times. (Movie length=2hrs. 40 min.)

What I have been doing since October!

Not much! It's very hard coming up with a blog everyday. I will try harder in 2010!

The Tonight Show Troubles

Jay Leno IS making money for NBC BUT his weak lead-in to local news is costing the stations (in the NBC network) money in advertising dollars. It looks like NBC is willing to anger Conan O'Brien and move Jay back into his original slot at 10:30-CST.
Of course anyone can see what the solution is. Have Jay & Conan together host/co-host a show. This would kill Letterman in the ratings. They can have both guys come out and do a monologue,trying to talk over each other fighting for laughs. They can sit next to each other behind a desk and bombard the guests with 2 x the normally inane and "softball" questions. This would make for bizarre TV and "Must-SEE TV!

Just my 2 cents!