Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Surviving in 2009

At 51 years old,I still need my job to provide for my family. A man is usually defined by his work (or lack there of)! I don't know where I'll be if I get layed off. I might have to use my head and think "outside of the box" for future employment. It's a miracle I have not been layed off yet. The economy is sick but the new President (who got my vote) has not come up with a quick fix. Stimulus package,huh? So how has our lives changed because of it. My economy "fix" is to supply every taxpayer with a coupon book for expensive items. Example,the Government will pay $100 if you purchase a washing machine. You buy an American car,you issue the $2500 coupon the government provided you. Send everyone a booklet with about $10000 dollars in various coupons and let's see what happens. I bet it comes out cheaper then the current bailout and more productive!

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