Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boers and Bernstein-funny but sad

Looking over my blogs,I thought maybe it was time I started actually reviewing radio shows. I have listened to B&B since the inception. Dan McNeil (former Boers partner at the SCORE) left the station after being paired up with the always politcally correct Dan Jiggets. I think that ruffled McNeils feathers a bit and hastened his departure. That left the crazy and bizarre Terry Boers with the acerbic and mean-spirited
Dan Bernstein. These two guys blend about 20 to 25% SportsTalk with 75% silliness. A lot of times it works,but when it does not it often turns into crude humor and mocking callers along with some nasty name calling. Dan Bernstein is without a doubt,very anal retentive. Listen to him for any length of time and that will come through. Boers is funny,but many times the funny crosses into borderline insanity.
His weird noises,penis references and such is not looking good coming from this geezer. Maybe when he was a kid,he was barred from recess with the other children. So why do I listen? Because when it comes to sick and twisted humor with some sports thrown in,I'm always a fan. The problem is for these two is the "sick and twisted" part took over the show a long time ago. They need to talk in 5-10 minute increments about sports with out questioning "what's the point of it all?",calling someone retarded or ass_clown because they dared to disagree with them,etc. They could show more patience & respect for the callers. They could stop taking calls all together,if they think everybody listening is stupid anyway. In conclusion,I think Terry Boers would best be served working with a new partner and Dan Bernstein better served working alone in the 10pm shift. Let him deal with the Graveshift callers as a pennance for his radio sins!

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  1. Actually pretty funny and true....was a big fan of the Heavy Fuel Crew (McNeil and Boers) back in the day. Bernstein is a penis, mostly and should do a show with