Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wow,it is that time again. How can someone like me (Cubs Fan), be excited about spring training? It is in my blood. "The Cubs will take it to the vines in '09!"
The key to this year,HOFFPAUER! Find a spot for him,Left,Right or First,give him
400 AB's (at least) and stand back! I still can't beleive Pinella made the same dumb mistakes 2 years in a row. Picking Pie over "The Hoff" was a joke in the playoffs.
Hey Lou,Mr. Baseball,listen up: In a short series,YOU CAN NOT WAIT for someone to hit themselves out of a slump. Sorry-ano goes 0-FER,Bench him for game 2. He could have had Fontenot at 2nd & Derosa at left. ARAM,same deal. I'm sick of watching this guy "shut off" when IT REALLY COUNTS!! Now we have to sit through another whole season. Pinella will not be back next year if they don't win the pennant this year.
So far,he looks like a "point A to a point B" kinda guy. The Cubs need a guy who can find POINT C. C for Championship!!

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  1. I don't think I can take another year of heartbreak. I am a Cubs fan married to a Sox fan, so you can imagine the CRAP I have had to put up with since 2005.