Saturday, February 14, 2009

Johnny Paxson-Leaving?!?

The big mystery surrounding Bulls GM,John Paxson, has dominated the press and talk radio the past few days. The fact of the matter is no matter if he stays or goes,he
has been a GM with a grade of "C+" at best. The NBA is dying as a league. It stems from very young,uncaring men who worry more about their next Bentley then a championship. Winning means nothing to some of them! I think Mr. Paxson see's this and has become disillusioned with the whole "me,me" scene. John was forced into the Ben Wallace deal from owner,Jerry Reinsdorf. He is now paying for that with the 2 guys he got in the trade for Wallace. One guy is very talented but injured (?)in Drew Gooden & the other is inactive but also,very talented (Larry Hughes). He has had one great (at the time) draft. It was a few years back,though. His team has too many guards,not enough "musle-bound" big men. He needs to make some deals wheter he wants to or not. This current team is just what it has been the last 3 years, a big tease!
Bull fans want results now! They no longer want to hear about some dude's upside!
John if you stay or leave,PULL THE TRIGGER & ROLL THE DICE!!

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