Saturday, February 14, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: He's just not that in to you!

Ok,Ok...Why is a 100% hetero like me reviewing this movie. Because it is Valentines Day & my wife wanted to see it,that's why!!! The movie is basically a hodge podge of relationships of different people who somehow are all connected. The one story that will "stick out" if your a dude is the one with the guy who is married to Jennifer Conneley and is getting him some Scarlett Johansen on the side! That story right there makes the movie border on some sci-fi fantasy. Every young lady in this movie is beautiful,which makes the way they are treated hard for me to understand. I'm sure there are guys in "Real Life" that hop between one beautiful women to another. I never met any,have you??
This movie was lacking in one major area. The dialogue could have used a "going over" by some skilled comedy writers. Overall,interesting storylines,very blah dialogue,some surprise twists. If you have to see a "couples" movie,this wasn't the worst choice. I give it 2 1/3 out of 5 bowls of pasta!

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