Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Johnny RED Kerr

It was past time for John Kerr to get his "day".The salute to a great guy last night at the BULL's game was very,very classy.I miss Mr. Kerr on the broadcast side of things,but he has become very ill as of late. His playing days & Bulls coaching days were a little before my time. I loved his color commentary on games though. He is one of the "Good Guys" and I'm praying he can rebound from this illness just like he rebounded in a stellar NBA career. To get a video tribute from the President just goes to show how much this man is loved. The measure of any man is what kind of legacy he leaves behind. John has been to the top in 3 professions:player,coach & broadcaster. The "top" being NBA quality in all 3 phases of his life. He had a twinkle in his eye last night. A night he truly deserved!

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