Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ed Schwartz has passed away

WGN's "Chicago Eddy" Schwartz has passed away after a long bout of obesity related health issues. Steve Dahl & Garry Meir made their "rep's" as mean but funny radio jocks by ripping this guy on a daily basis. Though their bits were memorable,I'm sure it hurt Ed a lot. Until this day,I still can hear Steve mocking Eddy in that high-pitched whine: "You guy's got Doppler?"(Eddy loved being a weather groupie as well as a police groupie,fireman groupie,etc.) My wife hears me saying that phrase everynight around 10:15 when the weather report is on the news (It's one of those strange things that has stuck inside my cranium over the years!). But, everything I read about him said he was a great guy & always raised money for different charities. On a personal note,I worked the night shift back when Ed was doing the same on radio. He always had great guests & kept things moving. Years later,ironically,he ended up on WLUP-AM with Steve Dahl also being employed there at the same time. He was a good guy and will be missed! The Radio landscape is changing. The syndication of national shows is removing the "local" flavor from stations across the country. Hopefully,the pendulum will swing back the other way,SOON!! When that day comes, Ed will be smiling somewhere.

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