Monday, September 28, 2009

Lamar Odom & the Beastlike Khardasian girl

My God! One of the main problems with cable TV is that the extra 200 stations in search of original programming give us drek like the Khardasian whore brigade. Wrapping the three sisters and their dingbat mom up in a pretty bow and presenting them to the public is truly bizarre. Blame it on metrosexual multi-millionare Ryan Seacrest who is the producer. How Bruce Jenner is disrespected on this show is another story. I am a man with a family. My daughter is also beautiful with a smart mouth. The one thing I did not raise her to be is a slut. That message comes through loud & clear with these 3 bimbo's (the lack of a STRONG father figure is evident). Now we get a marriage of the chubby one to Lamar Odum??? The entertainment gossip shows treat it like it's Bogey & Bacall! They dated,got engaged & married in a month?
Hollyweird just gets more bizarre by the minute.

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