Saturday, October 3, 2009

David Letterman:Silly Intern Tricks

WOW! This guy keeps making the news and it usually involves some kind of sex!
A few years back,Drew Barrymore flashed Dave her chest. A few months back,Dave made a sex joke in poor taste involving Sarah Palins' family. Now this story about blackmail,the police and staffer sex! Dave has been a single man for a long time until recently. The problem of course is the poor judgement of having sex with young interns,staffers or whomever is employed on your own show. Kind of has a Bob Barker ring to it. Bob had sex with a few of the young models who appeared on the "Price is Right" gameshow. As soon as I heard this story,the girl's face that popped into my head was the one rumored to be one of Dave's ladies. Dave has a habit of putting back stage crew onscreen and doing "bits" with them. There is a reason they are "back stage" and that becomes evident in their bland,unfunny appearances on his show (though sometimes it works)! The young girl in question fell into this category. I used to wonder what the hell she was doing onscreen. She was very awkward and seemed kind of "Bitchy".Now all America knows WHY she was onscreen! Dave's taste in women seem to go towards plain and ordinary. His new wife (from the few pictures on the internet)borders on homely! This case will get more interesting as the accused blackmailer also lived with the intern mentioned. I am sure she filled his head with all kinds of creepy Dave stories! You know Hollywood will be all over this one!

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