Monday, January 26, 2009

Monsters in the Morning

Saw MITM today. Fred Huebner was on and as always added value.
I think the show would be better served with Fred giving the updates.
Jen wants to do it all,but it's nice to hear a voice that can talk about the
"south side hitmen of 1977" or the Bears 46 Defense because he witnessed it and didn't read it in a book!
Timing is everything I guess. If I was waitressing at Gibson's about 5-6 years ago in my short skirt,I
could be working for the monsters!!(actually NO,because I belong to the fat guy,shaven head,goatee club)
Actually,that brings up a good point, what is the perfect age for a sports talk host?
Personally, I feel anywhere from 40-50 & a guy/girl who has grown up in the area.
I wonder if Dan & Mike are trying to simulcast this production. They are much more entertaining then anyone on the radio at this time. Mully and Hanley are OK,but it's straight sportstalk with no comedy or anything else.....BORING! The SCORE is a shell of what it once was,but that's for another day!

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